A must have skill.

Crucial Conversations

Hello it is Gerard McCarthy here,

A must have skill for all property managers –

Is being able to spot and have a crucial conversation –

As property managers we interact with many people every day it is only a matter of when a conversation will turn crucial.

For example an upset tenant calls the PM and goes off…. For whatever reason, what is said next by the PM could either add fuel to the situation or calm it down and possibly defuse a potential situation?

A snippet of what we aim to practice at McCarthy’s is

To stay focused on what you really want and not to focus on who is right or wrong.

But Make it safe: by making it safe you can talk about almost anything

Apologise if you need to – if you have made a mistake, or it could be the tone of what you said could have unintentionally upset someone  – be on the front foot with a sincere apology.

Contrast to fix misunderstandings: for example the pm might say I do want to respect your privacy however the inspection does need to happen, I would like to discuss it you…

Create mutual purpose; for example; the pm might say,  I wish to sign off on your bond and no doubt you want to get your bond back  as quickly as possible, if we can resolve these couple of issues we can both be on our way…

For most of us this is a skill that needs practiced and studied over and over again.

A book we study in our office is Crucial Conversations, tools for talking when the stakes are high, by Joseph Grenny and Kerry Patterson.

A great property manager is using these skills regularly in conversation to avoid potential conflict; an unskilled pm could potentially be adding fuel to an tricky conversation.

I’m Gerard McCarthy bye for now.



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