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  1. 11 Prosper Street, Rozelle with Gerard McCarthy (5/13/2019) -
  2. Urgent Repairs (12/20/2017) - IT’S IMPERATIVE TO FIND OUT WHETHER A REPAIR IS URGENT OR NOT BEFORE ACTION IS TAKEN! If you are a tenant, property manager or landlord and unsure if an issue is urgent or not, please read the below. Below is a list of URGENT repairs directly from the legislation, however some interpretation and common sense is required additional to what this says. 1. Burst water service When you hear “burst” you immediately think the whole house is flooded, floors are .... (READ MORE)
  3. The difference between a good property manager and a GREAT property manager (12/16/2017) - A good property manager has a basic understanding of tenants and owners’ rights, notice periods, access notices, etc. A GREAT property manager knows the clauses and interpretations of the top 10 sections of the Residential Tenancies agreement that are most often questioned.   A good property manager understands the basic principles of the relevant legislation. A GREAT property manager knows how to search clauses and legislation within relevant legislation and can uncover the correct course of action.   A good property manager can take a .... (READ MORE)