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Lilyfield is a small suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Lilyfield is located 6 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the Municipality of Leichhardt.

Lilyfield is nestled in between the suburbs of Annandale, Rozelle and Leichhardt and is bounded to the west by Iron Cove. Originally a working-class area, today Lilyfield like many inner-city suburbs is becoming increasingly gentrified. Property investors, eager to capitalise on the suburb\'s proximity to the Sydney CBD, have purchased many of the original workers\' cottages to renovate or develop. Although predominantly middle class, the suburb still retains some of its working-class roots and like its neighbouring suburbs, is home to people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Popular belief has it that the area was once farmland and was named for the lilies that reportedly grew in the fields. However, its name origin remains unclear. Lilyfield was originally part of the suburb of Leichhardt.

The most dominant landmark in the area is the former Callan Park hospital. This was built on land acquired from the Callan Estates, a property between Balmain Road and Iron Cove. A psychiatric hospital was designed by James Barnet, the government architect, based on an asylum in Kent and utilising the principles of Dr Kirkbride, an American psychiatrist.[2] Completed in 1884, the hospital was known until 1914 as the Callan Park Hospital for the Insane; the main part of the hospital, a cluster of sandstone buildings, was called the Kirkbride complex.

More recently, the Kirkbride complex became the home of the Sydney College of the Arts, and the hospital functions were confined to the western buildings. This is now known as Rozelle Hospital. The Kirkbride complex is listed on the Register of the National Estate.

After the construction of the City West Link Road in the 1990s, the suburb was effectively split into two parts. One half on the Rozelle side of the road, the other half on the Leichhardt side. This dramatic change in the geography did much to disrupt the sense of community in the relatively secluded suburb and almost led to its being subsumed into the neighbouring suburbs.

Lilyfield Tram Stop. Lilyfield\'s relative close proximity to the Sydney CBD can be judged by the visibility of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background

Lilyfield was the terminus of a tram line in the original Sydney tram system, and became a bus terminus when that system was abolished. The 470 bus service runs from Lilyfield to the Sydney CBD via Glebe, Broadway and George Street. The 370 service runs from Lilyfield to Coogee via Newtown. The 440 service runs to the CBD via Norton Street, Leichhardt and Broadway. The 445 service runs from Rozelle to railway station, via Norton Street.

Lilyfield station, in Catherine Street, is a terminus of the Metro Light Rail. The station opened in 2000, using a disused spur of a goods railway line from Central railway station. Another railway line, running from White Bay to Dulwich Hill, is also no longer used and an extension of the light rail further southwest to Dulwich Hill has been proposed, with a bicycle rail trail alongside.

The City West Link Road is a major arterial road, which is part of Metroad 4 and crosses the ANZAC Bridge. It provides an alternative route to Parramatta Road for the Sydney CBD from Ashfield.

Bicycle routes in Lilyfield include part of the regional east-west route from Parramatta to the Sydney CBD, along Lilyfield Road, the Bay Run path around Iron Cove, and the Whites Creek path, which provides a north-south route from Parramatta Road to The Crescent at White Bay.

Leichhardt Park, which includes the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre was originally part of Leichhardt, as was Leichhardt Oval. the home of the Wests Tigers/Balmain Tigers



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  • Suburb:Lilyfield
  • Postcode:2040
  • Municipality:Municipality of Leichhardt
Address Suburb Sold Date Bed Bath Car Sale Price
6 Garnet Avenue LILYFIELD 16-11-2018 4 2 2 $1,800,000 View Property
8/8 Sunnyside Avenue LILYFIELD 18-06-2018 2 2.5 1 $1,025,000 View Property
33 Grove Street LILYFIELD 22-12-2017 4 2 1 $1,600,000 View Property
19 May Street LILYFIELD 5-05-2017 3 1 0 $1,800,000 View Property
78 O'Neill Street LILYFIELD 2-11-2016 3 1.5 0 Undisclosed View Property
Address On Request LILYFIELD 10-10-2016 4 1 8 Undisclosed View Property
33 Church Street LILYFIELD 30-07-2016 2 1 1 $1,360,000 View Property
1/68 White Street LILYFIELD 7-03-2016 3 2 1 $1,485,000 View Property
56 Lamb Street LILYFIELD 20-02-2016 4 2 3 $1,920,000 View Property
38 Maida Street LILYFIELD 22-10-2015 2 1 1 $1,000,000 View Property
376 Norton Street LILYFIELD 20-06-2015 2 1 0 $885,000 View Property
48 Justin Street LILYFIELD 23-05-2015 3 1 2 Undisclosed View Property
10 Fred Street LILYFIELD 12-11-2014 3 2 0 Undisclosed View Property
16/42 Grove Street LILYFIELD 4-08-2014 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
2/8 Sunnyside Avenue LILYFIELD 26-07-2014 2 2.5 1 $901,000 View Property
Address Suburb Leased Date Bed Bath Car Lease Price
253 Lilyfield Road LILYFIELD 9-11-2019 3 2 0 Undisclosed View Property
33 Grove Street LILYFIELD 1-04-2019 4 2.5 1 Undisclosed View Property
7 Garnet Avenue LILYFIELD 2-07-2018 2 1 0 Undisclosed View Property
5/8 Sunnyside Ave LILYFIELD 1-06-2018 2 2.5 1 Undisclosed View Property
18 Eric Street LILYFIELD 11-05-2018 3 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
33 Grove Street LILYFIELD 30-04-2018 4 2.5 1 Undisclosed View Property
72 White Street LILYFIELD 27-04-2018 4 2.5 2 Undisclosed View Property
1c/360 Catherine Street LILYFIELD 15-03-2018 1 1 0 Undisclosed View Property
19 Garnet Avenue LILYFIELD 3-03-2018 3 1 0 Undisclosed View Property
120 Cecily Street LILYFIELD 10-02-2018 2 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
59a Piper Street LILYFIELD 19-12-2017 2 2 0 Undisclosed View Property
10a Fred Street LILYFIELD 18-11-2017 3 2 0 Undisclosed View Property
2/40 Grove Street LILYFIELD 20-10-2017 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
14 O' Neill Street LILYFIELD 17-08-2017 2 1 1 Undisclosed View Property
1/362 Catherine Street LILYFIELD 4-08-2017 1 1 0 Undisclosed View Property