A good property manager has a basic understanding of tenants and owners’ rights, notice periods, access notices, etc.

A GREAT property manager knows the clauses and interpretations of the top 10 sections of the Residential Tenancies agreement that are most often questioned.


A good property manager understands the basic principles of the relevant legislation.

A GREAT property manager knows how to search clauses and legislation within relevant legislation and can uncover the correct course of action.


A good property manager can take a repair issue, call a tradesmen with the details and get an answer as to what it might be.

A GREAT property manager knows about services that are in a property (knowledge of hot water systems, water service, electricity service, toilets, ovens, cooktops, plumbing, etc.), and is therefore capable of understanding the issue prior to getting assistance from a professional.


A good property manager will act on a repair based their interpretation of the legislation, and from what the tenant has told them.

A GREAT property manager knows the legislation, and is able to interpret the urgency of the repair by asking definitive questions.

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