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you provide services well above what is expected

I would like to express a big thank you for all you and your team has done to effect a successful outcome when I put my property in your hands to market. Most impressive is the number of web-visits recorded. At 1200+, it has got to be some record! I believe the number of phone inquiries and inspections was also at a record high. And all this at a time when the property market is supposed to go to sleep over the Christmas break.
Why did I choose you to market my property?
Simple. Because I knew you would listen and execute what I want; I knew you would not tell me what I want is not achievable, especially since I have done some careful research and calculations, and I know that I am not over the top with my expectations.
The property I gave you was not the easiest to market. It is in a busy street, noisy on the balcony and sitting room, but it has transport at the door and is near a trendy street. It is not in a pretty building, not does it have a well known developer, but you found solution in getting in a stylist. Brilliant strategy, and it paid off.
Another reason is your accessibility. I could call at any time and expect an answer. I didnt have to feel frustrated chasing shadows, and this is very important in todays very busy climate.
I certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and contacts. I tell them that you have the ability to make them feel that they are your only clients, that you provide services well above what is expected. You have a reputation to live up to.
E Teo